Like an archipelago, the programme will facilitate the set-up of partnerships between Business Support Stakeholders in the 12 African partner countries and Europe so that they are part of an integrated network pursuing common objectives and working in interaction.

Each specific partnership project will have a budget of EUR 400,000 to 600,000 for a period of 20 to 32 months. The ARCHIPELAGO programme Management Team will ensure the organisation of 2 to 3 calls for proposals, the coordination and monitoring of the 20 to 25 partnership projects, the provision of documents and tools, as well as the exchange of experiences and good practices between stakeholders.

Projects in 12 countries in Africa – Sahel and Lake Chad region

1 Burkina Faso | 2 Cameroon | 3 Chad | 4 Gambia | 5 Ghana | 6 Guinea | 7 Ivory Coast | 8 Mali |
9 Mauritania | 10 Niger | 11 Nigeria | 12 Senegal

Current partnership projects

The ARCHIPELAGO programme follows a demand-oriented approach. The partnership projects selected through the competitive Calls for Proposals are formulated and implemented by African and European Business Support Organisations that have a deep knowledge of local realities and TVET issues in Africa. Each partnership projects contribute to the realization of the programme objectives. The first partnership projects will be approved in September 2019 and will then be presented in this section. Partnership projects selected through the second and the third Calls for Proposals will be also progressively presented on this website.