Project Manager

A project leader or project manager is someone who is responsible for the successful realization of a project. A project manager realizes the project by coordinating and / or directing project employees, the project management.

Project leader is a generic role that is encountered in various fields. For example, there are project leaders within civil engineering, construction and ICT.

In the past, project leaders were often specialists in their field with a doctorate. In 2019, the role of project leader is seen more as a separate specialism.

Project manager


The job content of a project manager depends on the phase in which the project is located.

In the initial phase of a project, the task of a project manager consists of establishing contacts with the client (s) and the suppliers of products and / or services. In this phase, the project leader explores possible solutions (the realization process).
In the start-up phase, the project leader is mainly concerned with setting up the project team and creating sufficient support for the project.
During the implementation of the project, the project leader is mainly concerned with the implementation, planning, of the project.
In the final or delivery phase, the project leader is busy winding down the project team and possibly generating follow-up assignments.

A project leader can lead a pure project team or a project team consisting of members of a matrix organization.


A project leader is a socially skilled person with a broad general knowledge, acquired in a project environment. The project leader also has knowledge of the relevant field in which the project is active.

There are also several institutes nowadays that offer project management training. International providers include the American Project Management Institute and the Swiss International Project Management Association. In addition to these institutes, there are many smaller providers of project management training. There is no universal standard for training.